BWM Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

BMW is producing car and motocycle for Thailand and global market. Since 2008 Toptier has provided the manufacturing solutions to help stream line the production and keep track of their production line activities. the system can be used to improve production efficiency and can provide actionable data for process improvement.


Enhance Warehouse by using handy terminal devices to improve efficiency and accuracy with traceable data in realtime, The handy terminals use in warehouse process since receiving until delivery process, to help reduce operator mistake and streamline stock process.

Celestica (Thailand) Ltd.

Celestica (Thailand) Ltd. is a global electronics manufacturing service (EMS), with approximately 20 manufacturing and design facilities worldwide. Thailand facility is mega site for production, which located of global development center for in-house software. Since 2009, Toptier has been providing programmer to Celestica. To help sustainable IT manpower in organization to address dynamic change to serve the demand of IT project under budget controlled.

Advanced Info Services Plc.

Advanced Info Services Plc. is the biggest Telecom operator in Thailand, and Mimo Tech Co., Ltd. is a company of AIS who provide IT development for AIS, has more than 100 IT staff in organization. Since 2013, Toptier has engaged and work closely with Mimo Tech to provide Manpower for their development centre which require variety of IT field such as Graphic Designer, C#/VB.Net Programmer (Windows/Web), Mobile App. Programmer, Database Administrator, Software Tester, PL/SQL Programmer and etc.