The inventory system help control accurate record-keeping, and predicting amounts for future orders of inventory and prevent common human errors
while shortage and excess inventory issue can be managed, the effective inventory control for bussiness can be reduced overall operational cost.


The material receiving process in each industry it may be difference.
Similar process step below can be adapted and applied for inventory system

  • Step 1

    Material Receipt

  • Step 2

    Sorting & Barcode Print

  • Step 3


  • Step 4

    Issue Slip

  • Step 5


  • Step 6


Inventory system Features

Material Receipt

  • Keep Track of Ordered items
  • Record Receiving Items information

Sorting and Barcode Print

  • Sort/Grouping receving material
  • Print items barcode label


  • Items vs Shelf ID suggestion
  • Scan-In items
  • Mobile computer supported

Material Issue Slip Creation

  • Material usage calculation base on Bill Of Material (BOM) Usage Rate
  • FIFO logic control for part issue
  • Online Material Issue slip


  • Scan-Out to Issue Material out of stock
  • Mobile computer supported

Management Tool

  • Shelf ID and Package Quantity update
  • Material Return process supported(Production to Instock)
  • Split package handling

Stock Taking/Inventory count

  • Inventory adjustment
  • Lost/Found reports
  • Reconcile profile
  • Mobile computer supported

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